What Christianity has to say to rich people

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The most emailed article in The New York Times today should be matter for ongoing reflection by all who teach, preach, and/or lead in the churches. The article describes a survey that demonstrates lack of empathy on the part of the rich for the poor or less well-off. Here is a really central ethical message for the church to focus on. Whatever our theological differences, the imperative to care for the powerless and the downtrodden crosses all lines. The churches should be proud of this; it gives us a leg up on the scoffers who have no use for “the institutional church,” the Bible, or the Triune God. What a powerful contribution we can make. Pope Francis is certainly making this issue a cornerstone of his new papacy; it would be a great thing if the Protestant churches would renew our commitments in this most central concern of Our Lord. Here’s the article:

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