Our inheritance of socio-economic problems

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My husband and I both selected this analysis by Eduardo Porter, the “Economic Scene” reporter at The New York Times, as the most compelling commentary on economic inequality in the United States that we have seen lately.

I first began to notice Porter’s work about two years ago. He combines good writing with a social conscience and what appears to me to be very intelligent analysis and thorough knowledge of the global scene, especially Latin America and, of course, the United States. (Interestingly, his academic background is in physics, but he has been covering economics worldwide for many years.)

Clergy and committed lay people in the churches should read Mr. Porter’s columns in order to understand the deep problems we face in America, particularly those of our own making as we have continued to neglect the dark legacy that we have inherited from the days of slavery. Far from blaming the African-American community for its plight, it would make more sense to admire how far it has come and–all things considered–how forgiving it continues to be.

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