Bishop Jefferts Schori’s peculiar angle on the Bible

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mark Oppenheimer writes the “Beliefs” column for The New York Times on Saturday. The column is almost always worth reading, but virtually impossible to find in the on-line edition. Today he writes about the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and her version of biblical passages–in particular the one in Acts about St. Paul driving a “spirit” out of a young girl. Mr. Oppenheimer has gone to some lengths to collect voices that elucidate the problems with her interpretation.

Bishop Katherine has done this before, but this time the protests seem more intense. The trouble from my point of view is that it is so easy for her to dismiss dissent as coming from the hopelessly “conservative” wing of the Episcopal Church, what’s left of it after so many defections.  Can’t we get some objections from the center-left? or, better still, from those of us who would like to consider ourselves unclassifiable (good luck with that one)?

Anyway, here’s the link:

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