Thursday, March 3, 2005

Nicholas Kristof, who writes a column in The New York Times twice a week, has been saying complimentary things about evangelical Christian NGOs (non-governmental organizations), even very conservative ones, for several years now—not a popular thing to do at the Times. He makes it clear that he does not share evangelical beliefs, but he praises the work of these organizations around the world on behalf of suffering humanity in regions that few others want to work in.

For the last few months he has been concentrating on the sex trade in Asia and the massacres/genocide in Darfur. He offers specific ways that the average person can help, and he challenges us to redirect our focus. In his column today (March 3) he notes that if the average American spent only a portion of the time devoted to following the Michael Jackson case to writing our Congressional representatives, Senator Sam Brownback could really get something done. Brownback is a conservative evangelical, devoted to humanitarian causes whom Kristof admires in spite of what he considers his retrograde views on many issues.

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