Real progress on the issue of torture

Thursday, February 9, 2006

The Christian community is moving.

It appears that God is deploying his Spirit in a new way. The cover story for the February issue of Christianity Today features an article by David P. Gushee. He is an evangelical writer whom I have long admired. He gives five theological reasons why Christians should always oppose torture. I had trouble finding a live link on the CT website, so look for the whole thing posted in my “Tips.”

There is more. After a very long (too long) period of silence in the churches and a split between Christian left and right, finally there is real progress on the anti-torture front. You can read about the the recent conference in Princeton, “Theology, International Law, and Torture,” at this link:

I was the preacher at this conference. The sermon, “My Enemy, Myself,” is posted under “Sermons and Speeches” on my home page.

Out of the conference has come the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. You are urged to endorse the statement and, if possible, to contribute financially to the campaign.

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