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Not Ashamed of the Gospel: Sermons From Romans is out this month from Eerdmans, and as always is available from Amazon or from your local bookstore (Eerdmans fills orders fast). Some early assessments:

"In an age when Paul's radical gospel is hardly known, Fleming Rutledge has performed a huge service to the church, both preachers and laypeople. Her lively sermons on Romans face our contemporary crises head-on but draw their strength and verve from the truth that captivated Paul: God’s searing mercy has taken a grip on this world, in Christ crucified and raised, and will not be defeated by Sin, Death, or even unbelief. I can think of no better antidote to the ‘self-help’ religiosity that currently debilitates the Christian church."
— John Barclay
Durham University

"Steeped in deep engagement with Scripture and her own shrewd insights into human life, Fleming Rutledge opens up the radical claims of Romans about the power of sin and death and the even greater power of God's grace in ways that are both timeless and timely. The many pastors who routinely avoid or agonize over preaching from Pauline texts will welcome the arrival of Not Ashamed of the Gospel."
— Beverly Roberts Gaventa
Helen H.P. Manson Professor of New Testament Literature and Exegesis
Princeton Theological Seminary

Not Ashamed of the Gospel, Fleming's new book of sermons from Romans, is getting a lot of attention. Here are two examples:

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